Automatic Duplicate Photo Finder and Remover

Image Comparer Boxshot

Have you ever felt uneasy when showing your digital photo collection to somebody? Probably, everyone has. Digital collections are pretty chaotic and full of unnecessary images which look very similar to each other. How does it happen? Well, trying to find the best view and get the best shot, you often make lots of very similar photos and forget about them. If your collection isn't so large - no problem! And what if there are thousands of images? Right, you start losing control over your collection and here problems begin. No wonder - handling huge collections manually is extremely time-consuming!

So, would you like to:

  • locate and delete photo duplicates in a couple of clicks
  • set the visual similarity level and find similar photos
  • automatically choose photos having better or worse quality
  • avoid manual search for resized, rotated and flipped images
  • bring order to your photo collection and enjoy showing it to your friends
  • handle huge photo collections easily and quickly

That's exactly what duplicate image finder is meant for! It brilliantly works with images having file formats JPEG, RAW, J2K, GIF, BMP, PNG, RAW, TIF, PSD, TGA and many others.


Why particularly our program?


√ New generation image scanner and content analyzer

Image Comparer scans through the whole collection of yours. It takes seconds, while doing it manually you would probably spend hours if not days! Moreover, it analyzes the content of digital images, not just file properties. While you're relaxing, it literally "looks" through your images and groups those that look alike. Besides, it even highlights the differences between similar photos. You can view them in pairs (very convenient!) or see the top ten similar photos and choose the best one.

√ Automatic photo duplicate cleaner

Image Comparer helps you automatically locate complete duplicates and similar looking images. The software is very fast and in seconds you are presented pairs of duplicates. All you need to do is just to tick the files to be deleted. At that you're shown how many images are going to be deleted and how much space is going to be saved after removing them. You can also let the program do that for you. As simple as that!

√ Your digital collection guard with perfect memory

Having once analyzed and handled your photo collection with Image Comparer, you may relax and forget the nightmare of manual handling your image collection. That's possible because our program has got excellent memory! Every time you add new photos to the collection, the program compares them to the existing ones. So, duplicates have no chance! Image Comparer just won't allow duplicates to appear again in your collection.

Don't hesitate and download Duplicate Image Finder now - you're not losing anything! You've got 30 days to try and evaluate the program. In the trial version you can find photo duplicates, but you can't move, delete or copy images. You'll see it's one of the best at the software market!