Arranging Children's Photos in a Photo Organizer

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Children are always doing things which make adults smile or cringe. And for capturing these moments, the invention of the digital camera has been a parent's dream. However, when you can sit and take pictures of your child all day, those pictures begin to add up - and you can start to have more picture file clutter on your computer than your child has on the floor of their bedroom. With a photo organizer, you can more easily sort and arrange the photos you have on your computer. This will help you to have control over your pictures and to preserve those special memories for years to come.

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A Digital Mess

Digital cameras are really at fault for causing the chaos on your hard drive. Because you can take as many pictures as your memory card will hold, you can easily end up with a hundred photos or more a day. And these pictures, because they are digital, are all high quality and perfect for framing. But just because all of the images are beautiful doesn't mean you can hold onto every single second of your child's life. With a photo organizer, you might want to spend some time beforehand trying to remove duplicates as well as any pictures which are a blurry or off center. This way, you will have fewer images to consider as you begin to put your photos into a more organized order.

Choosing the Photos to Keep

Since digital photos seem to be high quality, even if you're not a professional photographer, it's difficult to choose the images to keep and the images to remove from your hard drive. A good way to begin is to remove any of the pictures that have flaws in them - unless you like flawed pictures. Any images that might need adjustments should also be deleted. Just keep the images which are ready to be printed and framed. You will also want to choose the pictures which are commemorating special days - graduations, first steps, etc. Those photos of big accomplishments should be eventually printed or framed for your child or the home. Finally, you want to keep any photos that make you smile.

Organization Strategies for Parents and Families

With a photo organizer, you can easily regain control of your picture taking obsession. Start by removing the photos that don't meet your standards, then begin to arrange the images by the date they were made. This is easy to do. When in the file of photos, go to View, and then to Details (on PCs). This will allow you to see when the file was taken, and then you can sort according.

Ideally, you might want to create a photo organizer system in which you have a new folder for each month or each special occasion. This will help you to find photos you need quickly or to walk down memory lane. The idea of a photo organizer might seem stressful now, arranging your photos in an organized way is only going to help you as your children grow up - and make even more special memories.