Duplicate Photo Finder Screenshots

Comparison wizard

If you just installed the program and have never seen it before, the simple Comparison Wizard will go through the entire comparison process.


Image Comparer - Comparison Wizard dialog



Gallery creation

The program operates with the photo groups named "galleries". Here is shown the gallery creation process. The application processes some precalculations at this step for the further comparison.


Image Comparer - Image Gallery Creation Process



Comparison process

Here you can see the photo comparison process for the currently opened gallery.


image comparison is in process of finding the duplicates



Gallery - Thumbnails mode

This is a gallery shown in thumbnails mode (simple grid mode is available as well). Here you can see Top 10 similar images area since comparison results are open.


Image Comparer - Image Gallery displayed in Thumbnails mode



Comparison results

Here are the comparison results displayed in the grid mode (tree mode is also available). By double click on the image pair, you can compare them side-by-side in fullscreen mode.


Image comparison results - a list of duplicates found



Differences highlighting

The program can highlight the image differences if you set the special option.


Image Comparer: highlighting the image differences for the selected pair



Delete confirmation

Once you marked the files (or the program marked them automatically) you can move, copy or delete them. To make you sure that only needed files be affected, the program brings you the confirmation window shown below:


Confirm the selected image duplicates to be deleted on the next step



Comparison preferences

Here is the "Comparison" tab of the "Preferences" dialog shown:


Image comparison options dialog



Supported image file formats

Here is the "File formats" tab of the "Preferences" dialog shown:


select the image formats you want to locate duplicates from


We hope we developed a handy application and you'll like it. Just give it a free try :)