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There are two license types for Image Comparer™ - Home License ($34.95) and Business License ($99.95). Home License is for home use only, and Business is for home and office use.

It is a one-time license fee, not a subscription!

The payments are processed securely by 2Checkout (former Avangate).

If you are going to pay via PayPal, please use these alternative payment links:



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This option is for those who prefer to order anonymously. We do not store any tracking for crypto orders except the name (use any string) and e-mail (one-time e-mails are acceptable) used for license generation and sending.


Billing and Registration Questions

What is 2Checkout?
      2Checkout (former Avangate) was launched in 2005 and since then has become a solid presence on the international software business market, delivering consistent and efficient support for software vendors worldwide.

Should I repurchase the program in case I change computers or reinstall Windows?
      No! You do not need to purchase the program again if you change computers or reinstall Windows. If you lose your activation code, you can use our automatic reminder.

What is the difference between Home and Business Licenses?
      It's easy. Home License is for home use only, and Business is for home and office use.

How long will I have to wait for my order to be processed?
      2Checkout provides real-time secure ordering. Usually, you will get the registration code within several minutes after the payment is complete.

Are the order forms secure?
      Absolutely. All your information is encrypted and sent using the highest levels of security available.

Will I receive free updates to the software?
      You will receive all minor updates for free. For example, if you purchased the key for version 3.3, it will work with version 3.9 too, but not with version 4.0. An update to the next major release is available for a reduced price.